Thursday, May 22, 2014

Assignment #1 -Megan

This is a photograph of a moment during the Ukraine rebellion. I wish I could find the original source of this photo, but, unfortunately, I only came across it on tumblr.

Usually I don't like photos with nearly middle-set horizon lines, but I think it does justice for this picture. It has texture, layering, color contrast, mood, pattern, real-life context, and it tells a story. I like that my eye is drawn right to the brightest spot, to the people, the building on the right, then to the smoke and signs, and finally back down to the fire. A little mystery is left to wonder over, since the camera/photo is positioned at the back of the crowd and we can't see what's happening up front. I also like how the smoke is framed a bit by the building, signs, tree, and people.

I just find this to be a really wonderfully eerie picture. Mood is a big part of why I enjoy photography, and conveying a feeling or story is very important to me.

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