Monday, May 22, 2017

Assignment 1

I chose this image of Target Field for a number of reasons. The first reason being I am a huge sports fan and homer of all Minnesota professional sports. I also was drawn to the shadows captured in the outfield during this photo, adding a sense of uniqueness to the picture. Lastly, I believe Minneapolis-St. Paul is a beautiful city and this photo does a wonderful job of capturing that in the backdrop.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Assignment #1

I took this photo when I went to the keys a few months ago. It's one of my favorite photographs because of the color of the sky against the water and the subtle crest of the waves falling into the sand. It was a very tranquil scene for me and when I look at this, I recall the scent of the ocean

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Assignment 1: Saint Paul

I took this photo of the Saint Paul Cathedral. It is one of my favorites because the lighting makes the building seem awake and warm; welcoming to anyone who might stumble upon it. 

Assignment #1

I like this picture, because it is tied to a specific memory for me. It was taken in late fall when the season was changing. Lots of things were changing in my own life as well. I believe I will always have a strong connection to this photo.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Assignment #1

 I really enjoy this photograph by Elliot Porter because it reminds me of my favorite panting, Almond Blossom, by Vincent van Gogh. The contrast of the blues and green with the pink of the blossoming plant really introduces simple beauty and a calming feel over the whole picture.

Assignment 1

I highly enjoy this photo by Ansel Adams because of the contrast between the water, mountain and land. The choice of making the photo black and white gives it a larger impact, in my opinion, than if it were in color.

Assignment #1

I love this photograph from photographer Ray Collins titled "Snow Mountain". I like how he uses a high shutter speed to freeze the wave as it's about to break. The deep blue of the ocean contrasts well with the softer purple and pink hues of the sky in the background. It's even more amazing when you know that Ray Collins is color blind and has probably never seen the true colors of any of his images. I get a sense of tranquility as well as an ominous feeling when I look at this photo.

Photo Assignment #1

Photograph by Line Kay

  I really like this photo because I love photos like this where people mix two things together. In this case it's ice cream and flowers, personally two of some of my favorite things. It also reminds me of summer and the ice cream shops that are always busy because of the warm weather.

Assignment #1

I really enjoy this photograph because it shows a very natural environment. A child is simply playing in a small stream of water. The focus is right on the child and its activities. The colors make it feel like a warm friendly environment even though it was shot in the winter hence the snow. This photograph was taken by Elena Shumilova.
I like this picture because of the different perceptive that is used, it doesn't seem like the average pictures of trees that I see all the time. The photographer, Erik van Hannen, used the fisheye lens to get the effect on the picture but it adds to the picture instead of taking away from the beauty of the main tree. This picture makes me feel at peace but also makes me want to go explore.

I really like this photo because I love the ocean and being near it is when I am at my happiest, so looking at this picture makes me feel happy.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I enjoy this photograph because of the perspective and the complex textures paired with the contrasting black and white color scheme.  I am the photographer.