Thursday, January 30, 2014

3D Street Art a photo by 'Jamie Lawrence '

As I usually like browsing through different photos and photographers and their works in google or deviantart or even in different other photo sites during my leisure time. This picture right here caught my eye right away, it shows the photographer ' Jamie Lawrence ' having fun with her photography skills with a couple who went to visit the Guinness World Records of 3D  street art ( I kinda forgot where exactly it was since I saved this picture way long back ! ) ... moving on I remember reading that she actually had to take exactly 3 tries to get 'THIS' very shot perfectly on her frames . What I like in this picture is her setup , the timing of her picture, the lighting was on the line , cause she also mentioned that before she was getting this shots taken it was almost getting dark and she had to get the perfect shot! I hope you all enjoy the shot and my upcoming works .

P.S. - Click on the Image to see the actual one, cause the image size is actually quite big !

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