Friday, August 29, 2014

Assignment 1.3

I had a difficult time selecting one photo. There is a handful of photographers I follow via facebook/blogs. My immediate thought was to use an image from those places, but while I scoured the webpages, I eventually discovered this. 

I, unfortunately, do not know who took it, where it was taken, or even when it was taken. I do know, though, that compared to the merely visually stimulating photos I laid eyes on, this one speaks. 

Maybe it is because I am a writer, or maybe because a story is intrinsically embedded in these lines and shadows, but it truly does tell tales. 

I think of my brothers, if the boy is her brother, and how they would have certainly done this for me. And then I think of who she might be talking to; maybe it is an emergency phone call. Is someone hurt? Or maybe mum's water broke and help is needed right away?

I like this photo because it is striking with sharp contrasts and interesting subjects, but ultimately I chose it because of the story it communicates to me.   

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  1. Do you think that the photo is B&W helps the image?